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Badge production, long history

The badge, in short, is a sign worn on the body to indicate identity and occupation. It has a long history, and its origin can be traced back to the totem logo of the tribe of the primitive society. The badges are truly written, but originated in my country. "Warring States Qi Qiyi" records: "Qin false Dao Han Wei to attack Qi. King Qi Wei made Zhang Zi will respond... Zhang Zi changed his badge to the Qin army." This is the earliest written record in China An example. But the badge referred to here is essentially different from the badge in the present sense. It actually refers to the flag. Gao Yuzhu: "Hui, Chiming also...change it to make it the same as Qin Qizhang.".

"Chi", the common flag, the emblem is the flag, and the chapter refers to the mark on the flag. Later in the Song Dynasty, according to historical records, Song Taizong Taiping Xingguo three years (AD 978), Li Feixiong embezzled stagecoach, fraudulently accused the messenger, conspiracy and chaos was cut by the court. In order to prevent others from impersonating messengers, the court stipulated that each messenger should be given a silver medal with special markings, which should be worn as a logo when entering the Jin Dynasty or performing official duties, as a means of strengthening the management of palace affairs.

In the Jin Dynasty, the Jurchens sent out condemnations to let the nobles wear gold medals and call them "Gold Medal Kings", and the second to wear silvers and call "Silver Medal Kings". These two badges are carved with six or seven seal characters, respectively, to prove the identity and status of the messenger. In addition, in ancient China, the more famous tiger symbols, fish symbols, waist cards, etc. are the prototypes of the current badges, which already have the characteristics of the current badges, especially the credential badges. 

It was only in modern times, especially in the Qing Dynasty, that the badge really had a modern meaning. The article "Clothes and Badges", Volume 13, "Cloth Barnacles" compiled by Xu Ke recently wrote: "The emblem is also the flag. The flag was used as a flag in ancient times, so the badge was set up. The symbol is the emblem. The commonly used one is gold, silver and copper, and the temporary one is silk and silk. "In China, the real coat of arms began with the Ssangyong Baoxing series of chapters in 1863 in the Qing Dynasty.



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